Better Life Publications


The Better Life Bible 
a new translation of the New Testament

God's Advice for a Better Life as Expressed by Jesus
    a compilation of Jesus' quotations from The Better Life Bible

Glimpses into the Translation of The Better Life Bible 
    a compilation of Translation Glimpses published during the translation process

Are There Mosquitoes in Heaven? 
    an account of our experiences in Liberia, West Africa

Dan Sindlinger was a Bible translator for six years among the Gola people of Liberia, West Africa, and ten years among the Lakota people of South Dakota before translating
The Better Life Bible
from 1999 to 2006.

Jeannie Sindlinger
utilized her nursing skills in Liberia for six years and in Pennsylvania for 17 years, including 10 as a hospice nurse.

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Dan and Jeannie Sindlinger have translated 
and authored several publications to help
others enjoy a better life.

They welcome your comments to their e-mail address below.

                   Jeannie              Dan
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