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CLEAR, CONCISE, PRACTICAL describes The Better Life Bible,           Matthew    Mark    Luke
a new translation of the New Testament, geared to people with                   
John       Acts     Romans
a busy lifestyle and limited time to read and study the Bible.                           1 Corinthians    2 Corinthians  
Galatians            Ephesians    
If you fall into any of the following categories,
The Better Life Bible        Philippians           Colossians
may be just what you’re looking for:                                                  1 Thessalonians   2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy           2 Timothy   
I work a lot of hours                                                                                Titus               Philemon    
I rarely attend church                                                                            
Hebrews              James       
I don’t take the time to read footnotes                                                       
1 Peter              2 Peter    
I’ve learned English as a second language                                                  
1 John              2 John       
I rarely read books, magazines or newspapers                                            
3 John               Jude  
I’m embarrassed to ask others about terms I don’t understand                               Revelation           
I don’t have Bible study resources such as a Bible commentary                                
       The Better Life Bible (New Testament) - zipped (3.8MB) 

       Comparison with NKJV           Comparison with NRSV      
                              Comments from readers       
                      The New Testament in a Nutshell                                                       Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.
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